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Masterclass in Infrastructure and Project Finance

Standard Price: £1,495+VAT   |   April 15 - May 24, 2024

What are Euromoney Masterclasses?

Euromoney Masterclasses offer a flexible, social way to expand your knowledge within specific topics.  Led by industry-renowned experts, they are a mix of weekly on-demand lessons and live Q&A sessions, created with social learning in mind, for you and the like-minded community you’ll be joining. Designed to develop real expertise, challenge your thinking and build confidence, you’ll expand your existing knowledge base, benefit from decades’ worth of expert experience, share comments and insights, build your professional network and problem-solve with others.

Complete learning at your own pace, with guidance on your progress provided by your Masterclass Director and consolidated in live sessions and simulated real-life challenges.


How you'll learn

  • 4-6 week flexible programme

  • Weekly on-demand video lessons you can access anytime

  • Live, weekly 60-minute Q&A sessions with your Masterclass Director

  • Access to a library of curated content and learning resources

  • Flexible, social and collaborative learning community

Euromoney Masterclasses brochure

Download our brochure to learn more about the upcoming masterclasses.

Fit your learning around your life

Each masterclass is the perfect blend of flexible online, live expert sessions and collaborative networking.

Undertake 2-3 hours' self-paced learning each week, divided into bite-sized videos, articles, case studies and activities

Consolidate your learning in a 60-minute live session every week with the Masterclass Director

Access a library of curated content and resources for up to 6 months
Track your progress via weekly online tests
Share insights and experiences with your peers and receive pragmatic advice from our experts
Apply your learning to a competitive team challenge

Who is it for?

Our Masterclasses are designed for professionals with little prior experience and knowledge in the given subject area, those with significant experience who want to refresh their knowledge, and other colleagues in the department who would benefit from an improved understanding and expanded skills set.

Get in touch

For any questions about Euromoney Masterclasses, please get in touch with our dedicated team using the form below.